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Environnement & Gestion

2018-10-24 | Benjamin Kerthe

Save the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) in the Central Highland from Earth biggest enemy: Human himself. Anglers, walkers, nature lovers, we came to a point where we need your help and mobilisation. Some really dangerous things… [Read more]


2018-11-08 | Benjamin Kerthe

If the 7.6 billion Earth's inhabitants lived like Australian, the overshoot day would be on March 31st. We would also have done much more irreversible damages and would suffer, inter alia, lack of water, global temperature warming, disappearing… [Read more]

2018-04-13 | Eric Bacon

"JACQUES DAUTY!!!" The name of my friend, who recently passed away, echoed off the canyon walls that flank the South Fork of the Boise River in Idaho. Although Erik Moncada and Jacques have never met, Erik proclaimed Jacques’s name with triumph… [Read more]